Manchester Beer & Cider Festival

CAMRA Logo (small)Take almost 350 of the finest cask conditioned craft ales, 75 traditional ciders and perries, a selection of bottle conditioned ales and some of the best imported beers around. Stick them in the centre of one of the most iconic buildings in the city, if not the country. Add the odd Olympian cycling around them and you have Manchester Beer & Cider Festival 2014.

National-Cycling-CentreOver 10,000 people attended the festival in The Velodrome at the National Cycling Centre from Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25th January. The first Manchester Beer Festival since the days of the Upper Campfield Market in the 90s, it is was the largest ever such event in Manchester. With all the bars (16 of them) located in the centre of the Velodrome track visitors were treated to an amazing view while enjoying their favourite ales & ciders.

The National Cycling Centre is home to both British Cycling and Team Sky and the Velodrome track remained operational throughout the festival and the Great Britain Cycling Team, including Olypians like Jason Kenny held daily training sessions while the festival was open. Visitors on Friday evening witnessed a Greater Manchester Track League meeting taking place around them, complete with full commentary.

With over 2500 more people attending than had been expected, a reorder of over 4000 pints wasn’t enough to stop the festival being drunk dry by 4pm on Saturday.

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